Call for Papers

2024 the 7th International Conference on Information Science and Systems encourages the community of multinational researchers to share their common experiences and discussions. In the history of the ICISS series, it has been held six editions. With the support and acknowledgment from the delegates of the past series, we wish to pioneer a way to another outstanding event.

We invite high-quality submissions describing significant, original, and unpublished results related to but not limited to any of the following topics:

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Track 1: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
- Deep Learning
- Reinforcement Learning
- Transfer Learning
- Neural Networks
- Bayesian Learning
- Decision Trees
- Evolutionary Computation
  Track 2: Data Science and Analytics
- Big Data Analytics
- Data Mining
- Data Warehousing
- Statistical Methods
- Optimization Techniques
- Machine Learning for Analytics
Track 3: Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management
- Information Retrieval Models
- Web Search Engines
- Recommendation Systems
- Semantic Web
- Ontology Engineering
- Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  Track 4: Natural Language Processing and Text Mining
- Machine Translation
- Text Classification
- Sentiment Analysis
- Named Entity Recognition
- Text Summarization
- Language Generation
Track 5: Computer Vision and Image Processing
- Object Recognition
- Image Segmentation
- 3D Imaging
- Video Analysis
- Image and Video Retrieval
- Pattern Recognition
  Track 6: Human-Computer Interaction and Usability
- User Modeling and Personalization
- User Interfaces and Interaction Design
- Human Factors and Ergonomics
- Accessibility
- Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Track 7: Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems
- Sensor Networks
- Wireless Sensor Networks
- Smart Grids
- Smart Homes
- Cybersecurity and Privacy
- Industrial IoT
  Track 8: Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems
- Cloud Computing Architecture
- Cloud Storage
- Cloud Security
- Grid Computing
- Peer-to-peer Systems
- Mobile Computing
Track 9: Explainable Artificial Intelligence and
Interpretable Machine Learning

- Model Interpretability
- Explainability Metrics
- Fairness and Accountability
- Visual Explanations
- Human-AI Collaboration
  Track 10: Emerging Topics and Applications
- Blockchain for Information Management
- Quantum Information Science
- Computational Social Science
- Smart Cities and Urban Analytics
- Healthcare Informatics
- Financial Analytics